Additional Traditions For Stellaris

Additional Traditions For Stellaris

Additional Traditions v1.0.4
For Stellaris: 1.6.*
Next scheduled update: 16 June (v1.0.5 – graphic update)

Useful links:
Additional Traditions – Expanded (Beta)
Additional Traditions – Expanded (20 AP patch)
Merged Traditions (Сompatibility patch with other tradition mods)

This mod adds 5 new tradition trees:

– Navy – focuses on increasing fleet capacity and fleet output together with giving some minor fleet movement and build speed bonuses. With this tree the space fleet should become stronger and more flexible;

– Aggression (mutually exclusive with Diplomacy) – focuses on gaining influence through rivalry as well as providing alternative to Diplomacy tradition for no-federation players. Some bonuses to habitability, unity and unrest reduction are included;

– Statecraft – focuses on improvement govement and a bit on faction interactions. Overall the bonuses of this tree are weaker and less useful, however the power finisher should negotiate that flaw once player finishes tradition;

– Inspiration – focuses on overall improvement of empire output. Have you ever had little to no idea what tradition to pick as they all look yummy? If yes then feel free to pick inspiration for it is a good choice in almost any situation;

– Exploration – focuses on improvement ship sensors and planet survey/anomaly research. Also provides good bonuses for fleet speed and evasion.

Number of Ascension Perks in increased from 8 to 16 so that every taken tradition, together with the use of mod’s expansion, would unlock a slot for perk (plus one additional perk could be gained through research).

Build-in Localizations: English, French, Russian
Separated Localizations: German

1.0.4 – visual update for mod to look better with Merged Traditions
1.0.3 – full Russian and French localizations are added
1.0.2 – minor rebalancing, english localizations are added for all languages
1.0.1 – update for Stellaris 1.6.*
1.0.0 – release
0.9.8 – *
0.9.4 – rebalance and fixes
0.9.0 – initial upload (open beta)

This mod is based on Birdy‘s Plentiful Traditions template and was heavily inspired by Maethydd‘s Expanded Tradition Choice. So a big thanks to them, and feel free to check their mods if you don’t agree with this vision on traditions!

Thanks to greenpinkredfire for big help in making full Russian localization!
Thanks to Geki for uniting this mod with other tradition mods in Merged Traditions!

This mod creates a bunch of it’s own files, changes “ASCENSION_PERKS_SLOTS” define and overwrites:


It should be compatible with any other mod that do not touch that define and file.

Meltup, Granhyt
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