Alliance Name List | Mass Effect Eternity Stellaris

Alliance Name List | Mass Effect Eternity Stellaris

Name list from the Mass Effect series “System Alliance” includes Lore names and non-lore names.

There are a few issues with it (not enough frigate names) but it works in the game. If you find any problems with it let me know on the workshop or down below. I took some creative liberty with the list. Corvettes inherited the names of frigates, cruisers stayed the same, and Battleships inherited the names of dreadnaughts. As there are no “carriers” in the game I swapped the scientist names onto the science ships.There are also no destroyers in the ME universe (at least in the Systems Alliance fleet) so I went with weapon names instead. Colony ships bear the names of famous explorers and Psionic armies have been changed to Biotic Armies.

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