Civilian Trade [简体中文版] for Stellaris

Civilian Trade [简体中文版] for Stellaris


Thanks to SteRyGogO for the translation!
Updated for 1.4!

No changes to be noted, the patch didn’t really do anything to mess with it.

If you want to help with translating go to the Localization discussion.


Your citizens have finally gotten off their asses and started to pull themselves up with their own bootstraps and setup their own trade routes.

The philosophy behind this mod is to make the galaxy feel a little more alive and active with ships moving between systems by themselves doing their own thing. Using the amazing Aurora as an inspiration for how civilian trade should work you will find that it is a decided hands off affair. Traders will spawn every so often and route their own paths and start hopping from colony to colony.

Current Features:

>Traders spawn and fly about by themselves doing their own thing. Now including paying their taxes!
> Policies and edicts to influence the style and number of traders
> Technologies to increase trader limit
> A war goal and ability to kill traders during wars.
> 1 new event

Future Features:
> More events dealing with trade activities and strategic resources
> Moving trade sanctions to an insult/humiliate type thing (Not sure if possible)
> More unique trader ships with unique bonuses
> More techs

Thank you guys for waiting and for all the suggestions I’ve gotten. Keep them coming and let me know of any problems or anything else you find.


NOT ACHIEVEMENT COMPATIBLE – Sorry but as this mod got bigger and bigger it was inevitable it would not work with achievements.

Anything that touches the eventwindow.gui file. Which shouldn’t be many mods as this has to do with the new buttons.

Anything that changes the 00_war_demands_types.txt file. I had to add a little change to keep trader countries from being able to receive planets in wars.

If you wish to help translate take a look at that and send me the translations.

Current Localizations –
Russian – Complete
German – Complete
French – Complete
Polish – Complete
Spanish – NA
Brazilian Portuguese – NA

*There have been some translations for French/Polish/Spanish but a lot has been taken away/changed that I am just going to replace them with English until someone translates it.

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