Dedicated Worlds For Mod

Dedicated Worlds For Mod

Have you ever wanted to focus your planets? Create an Agri World to feed your people, a Fortress World on the edge of your space or a planet-wide city? This mod provides several types of dedicated paths for colonies, meant to give each planet a unique feel. This mod is a standalone version of content being developed for Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided.

10 Focus Types for colonies & capital: Agriculture, Trade, Mining, Fortress, Outpost, Prison, Research, Recruiting, Culture, Forge & Government Capital. (Press this link for detailed stats & descriptions.)
The ability to focus and unfocus worlds.
Mining worlds gain the Stripped World modifier, preventing it from becoming an Agri World or a Cultural World.
2 New Megastructures: The Ecumenopolis and the Orbital Shipyard. They require the Voidborne Perk and take about 10 and 5 years respectively. Each provide a planet modifier when completed which significantly boost the planet.
Planned Features
Expanded unique features for each type.
Consequences for losing certain planets such as Government Capitals.
The longer a world remains focused on one type, the more potent its bonuses are and are lost if changed.
AI functionality
No changes to vanilla files, should be compatible will all mods and works with saved games.

Credits & Special thanks to:

All artwork belongs to their respective owners
killy84 for the German localisation of the mod
Delta0060 for the Russian localisation of the mod

Last Leviathan
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