Ethos Armies Mod

Ethos Armies Mod

A mod to create more depth, flavor, and diversity in terms of armies and ground combat.


  • 2 new non-restricted archetype armies: Mechanized Assault Group, Airborne Assault Group
  • 50 new Ethos restricted divisions and armies
    • Players will have access to 7-8 divisions or armies; AI should use 6-7 different armies
    • Except Pacifists, each pair of ethos has an associated division. After an empire’s first planetary invasion (defensive or offensive), the player will choose the Ethical focus of their ground forces.
  • Fanatic ethos unlock (via technology) improved Armies based solely on that ethos.
  • Vanilla armies re-envisioned (WIP).
  • Planetary Warfare rebalanced.
    • “Planetary Fortifications” is now “Command & Control”
    • C&C damage reduction between ~30% and ~9%
      More involved planetary invasions (WIP). Instead of more health and more armies, I will be implementing ethos-driven occupation strategies using events. An event based method creates more depth without having to rely on the AI.


  • Two New Archetype Armies: Mechanized Assault Group, Airborne Assault Group
  • Division: 50% boost to archetype army stats; 25% reduction to health and morale
  • Fanatic Armies: 75% boost to archetype army stats
  • Fanatic Elite Armies: 150% boost to archetype army stats


  • Militarist – Somewhat generic militarist. Bonus stats vary.
  • Materialist – More mechanized divisions (ie Mech Warrior). High damage output.
  • Spiritualist – A religious interpretation of Spiritualist (blame years of W40k). High morale.
  • Individualist – More airborne and mech divisions (ie special forces). High morale damage (if bugs are ever fixed).
  • Collectivist – More infantry divisions (ie Red Army). High health.
  • Xenophobe – Varied division composition, purge and death squads. Good damage, good morale.
  • Xenophile – Varied division composition, somewhat ones with nature (ie monstrous cavalry). Good damage, good health.

Steam Workshop ID: 700894316

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