Evolutionary Origins Mod

Evolutionary Origins Mod

This mod adds 7 new origins to Stellaris. These origins are as follows.

Codominant Evolution

DLC Requirements: Utopia

Origin Requirements: Xenophile or Fanatic Xenophile ethics

This is Syncretic Evolution for xenophiles. With this origin your empires start with half of your homeworlds population being of a secondary species. Some of your leaders will also start as your secondary species, with a 50% chance of your leader being your secondary species.

Pre-Sentient Cousins

DLC Requirements: None

Origins Requirements: Can not be hive minded or Fanatical Xenophobe.

With the Pre-Sentient Cousins origins your empire starts with 3 randomly generated pre-sentients pops living on your planets homeworld. Pre-sentients based events may occur on your homeworld, and with the right tech you can uplift them. You can also exterminate them if your that kind of empire.


DLC Requirements: Utopia

Origins Requirements: Fanatical Purifier, Devouring Swarm, or Determined Exterminator Civics

Are you the kind of player who loves purging? Do you love purging so much you build your entire civilization around it? Do you hate that you have to go out in the galaxy to find xeno scum to purge? Well do I have the origin for you.

With the undesirables origin you can customize a perfect secondary species to purge from the galaxy. 4 of them will spawn right on your homeworld right at the start of the game. Work them to death or cook them into a tasty snack the choice is yours.

Nuclear Mutation

DLC Requirements: Apocalypse

Origins Requirements: Doesn’t have Machine Intelligence Authority or Agrarian Idyll civic

Your civilization starts on a Tomb world with the tomb world habitability. It seems that the first species to evolve on this world nuked themselves into extinction. Luckily the radiation mutated a few animals and gave rise to a second civilization.

Hive World

DLC Requirements: Utopia

Origins Requirements: Hive mind Authority.

Do you think its unfair that machine intelligences can start on a machine world, but hive minds cant start on a hive world? Well this mod fixes that grave error. With this mod your hives homeworld will be a hive world ready for use by your perfectly crafted hive mind.

Ecumenopolis World

DLC Requirements: Megacorp

Origins Requirements: Doesn’t have the Agrarian Idyll civic

Want to start your civilization on a shiny metal planet without all the rust of a relic world? Now you can. With the ecumenopolis world origin your civilization will have a head start on the galaxy. With there homeworld being a giant city planet in its prime. You will also have an arcane reactor that provides for your needs.

Note: For reasons beyond my understanding the arcane reactor vanishes when using the Planetary Diversity mod. I do not recommend using this origin with Planetary Diversity.

Escaped Slaves

DLC Requirements: None

Origins Requirements: Must be democratic, can not be any kind of xenophobic, can not have the police state, citizen service, or Byzantine Bureaucracy civics.

The escaped slaves origin was heavily inspired by the cut escaped slave origin. This origin does the following.

Spawn 7 random species each with 4 pops. These species will have a random homeworld somewhere in the galaxy. Your empire will get planetary bonuses if you colonize or conquer these worlds.
Note: These species will have random habitability and traits.

Gives you a habitability, happiness, and stability bonuses on your homeworld for the first 20 years.

Creates a slaver empire somewhere in the galaxy. This empire have a -1000 opinion of your empire, and have small start of game bonuses and slave output buffs on their homeworld.

Note: Your custom species will have a total population of 0 at the start of the game. All leaders, except envoys, will be of your random starter species. Your starter species will not spawn from normal gameplay.

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