Galactic Policies Mod

Galactic Policies Mod

This mod provides several policies inspired by Victoria II that help add flavour to the inner workings of your empire. Other empires will utilize them varying by ethos and government, and their opinions of you will shift depending on your own current policies and theirs. There are currently 5 policies each with 3-6 available options. This mod is a standalone version of content being developed for Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided and is not yet in its fully complete state.

Full AI Functionality
3 Map modes for Relgious Policy, Media Rights and Foreign Policy. So you can go to war against heretics who’ve banned religion.
5 Victoria II inspired policies
1 new wargoal to impose free media on a nation
English & German Localisation (German is from Google Translate)
Click here for an in depth look at the policies.

Foreign Policy: Do you want to isolate yourself from the galaxy or cooperate with other nations?
Trade Laws: Do you want to make the Blorg great again? Or will you embrace free trade?
Market Laws: Will you govern with a laissez-faire outlook or will the market be controlled by state capitalism? (WIP)
Religious Policy: Are all religions banned? Or are citizens free to worship as they please?
Media Rights: Who controls the media in your empire? The state or the people?

Tie in the policies with factions

No changes to vanilla files, should be compatible will all mods and works with saved games.

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