Galactic Wonders For Stellaris

Galactic Wonders For Stellaris

Adds three Galaxy Unique wonders that can only be built on Gaia Worlds.

This allows three special buildings that there can only be one of in the entire Galaxy at any time. They function like Empire Unique buildings, but instead of unique to just the empire, they are unique to the galaxy. They can only be constructed on a Gaia World and if you have researched Mega-Engineering. They provide Empire Wide benefits after building.

The mod contains:

Galactic Foundry Wonder that provides construction boosts across the empire
Galactic Logistics Wonder that provides a boost to fleet logistics and capacity across the empire
Galactic Monument Wonder that provides a boost to empire happiness and helps enforce core ethics across the empire
Custom icons and event graphics
Custom tooltips to provide details and info
Balanced and tested for both singleplayer and multiplayer
Why this mod exists
Gaia Worlds are not really important in the base game. This mod helps reinforce their importance, and provides galaxy unique buildings that you might go to war over. The intent is to provide good reasons for increased tension among worlds who haven’t built these wonders.

New Event: Galactic Wonder Construction
Whenever someone constructs a wonder (and when deconstructed/destroyed) an event will be sent to all empires notifying them of who and where constructed the wonder.

New Building: Galactic Foundry Wonder
Reduces building, ship, and megastructure construction time across the empire. Slightly increases the costs. Also increases planetary border range by 25%.

New Building: Galactic Logistics Wonder
Reduces empire fleet logistic cost and increases empire fleet capacity. Also increases planetary border range by 25%.

New Building: Galactic Monument Wonder
Increases happiness, core ethic adoption, rivalry influence gain, and army morale – all empire wide. Also increases planetary border range by 25%.

Requirements to build wonders
Only one per galaxy of each type
Mega-Structures (rare tech) must be researched
Can only be constructed in the unqiue environment of Gaia worlds
Existing constructions will be cancelled if multiple are being built when one is constructed
No vanilla files have been modified.
This should work will all other mods without issue.
Currently only localized for English. Please post below if you can help with localized strings to include in the mod and I will update it.

My Steam Workshop page
I focus on making mods that compliment the vanilla game, so if that is your thing, please check out my steam workshop page for my other mods for stellaris.

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