Jump Drive Enhanced For for Stellaris

Jump Drive Enhanced For for Stellaris

Adds a “second level” Jump Drive tech with a shorter windup time.

Why make this? Because Psi Jump Drive is strictly better than regular Jump Drive, being the same except for 50% greater range. This benefits Spiritualists greatly. The new Accelerated Jump Drive this mod adds is tied to a technology that Materialists will have an easier time getting. While Psi Jump Drive still wins on range, Accelerated Jump Drive winds up in half the time (7.5 days vs. 15 days).

Warning: Have not really tested this much. Please let me know how it works. It should show up pretty readily for Materialist empires that have original-recipe Jump Drives (a prereq) and an engineering researcher with the usual uber-traits (Curator, Spark of Genius, Maniacal).

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