New Army Types Stellaris

New Army Types Stellaris

This small mod adds 10 new army types. SpecOps, Modified SpecOps, Psi Spec Ops, Atmospheric Strike Craft, Aerial Gunship Squadrons, Suicide Squads, Light Amoured Battalions, Tank Divisions, Mech Warrior Units and Atmospheric Cruisers. It also increases the amount of attachments an army can have to 3, and the max armies per planet to 30.


Army Characteristics
SpecOps: High DMG, Low Health, High Morale, Cheap, Quick To Build.
Modified Spec Ops: Very High DMG, Moderate Health, High Morale, Fairly Cheap, Quick to Build.
Suicide Army: NUKE DMG, So low health u could punch it to death, moderate Morale, Very Expensive, Long to Build.
Psi Spec Ops: Very High DMG, Higher than normal morale DMG, Moderate Health, High Morale, Average build time, fairly cheap.
Atmospheric Strike Craft: Great DMG, High Health, Long Build time, Not too expensive but its higher than most other armies in this mod.
Tank Division: High Damage, Moderate Health, Moderate Morale, Costly and long build time.
Mech Warrior: Very High Damage, High Health, Moderate Morale, Very Costly and long build time.
Atmospheric Cruiser: F*** my S*** up DMG, Try and dent me Health, extreme morale, Gotta break the bank cost and build time (good memes xdddddd)

Army Attachments Characteristics
Patrol Dogs: add health and damage, increase upkeep
Mutated Patrol Dogs: add greater health and damage than normal dogs, but increase upkeep more.
CAS (Close Air Support):Increases damage greatly, but also increase upkeep.
Enchanced Shields: Greatly increased health, but are expensive initially and in upkeep.

Army Tech Requirements
Suicide Army Requires Telepathy (may change so that materialist factions can get it as well) to Build.
Modified SpecOps requires Gene Warrior tech.
Atmospheric Strike Craft require Droid Worker tech.
Psionic Spec Ops requires Telepathy tech.
Aerial Gunships require Autocannon Tier 2 tech.
Light Amoured Battalion requires Tier 2 Ship Armour tech.
Tank Division Requires Tier 4 Ship Armour Tech.
Mech Warrior Requires Tier 5 Ship Armour Tech.
Atmospheric Cruiser Requires Teir 4 Spaceport tech.

Army Attachment Tech Requirements
Mutated dogs require xeno cavarlry tech
Shield generators require tier 2 Shields

More attachments are planned!

Me(TheSting) – Stats and basic coding for the armies.
Zevfer – helping me with more advanced stats and balance and helping me to start to localise the mod (Big Thx bro!).

[DFT] TheSt1ng
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