Stellaris Mods


Extended Edicts

Extended Edicts brings a variety of new Edicts to the game. 2 New Ambitions4 Perpetual Edicts10 Campaigns(campaigns are essentially edicts with a time limit) This mod is currently a work in progress and will...


Fictional Systems

Fictional Systems adds star systems from various science fiction properties to Stellaris. As many science fiction properties use the same stars and planets, this mod merges together various artists & author’s visions for these...


Carrying Capacity – Additional Vanilla Buildings Patch 2.8.1

2.8.1対応(2021/02/20更新) Mod『Carrying Capacityã€ï¼ˆ2021/02/15版)ã®è£œåŠ©Modã§ã™ã€‚ 1)Mod『Additional Vanilla Buildingsã€ã®è¿½åŠ å»ºç‰©ã«å¯¾å¿œã—ã¾ã—ãŸã€‚ (google Translation: This is an auxiliary mod for the mod “Carrying Capacity”.  1) Added support for additional buildings in the mod “Additional Vanilla Buildings”.) 修正内容  carry_deposits.txt carry_deposits_output.txt !utopia_overwrite_events.txt 対応履歴 2021/02/13 2.8.1対応