Snowyamur’s The Trait Archive for Stellaris

Snowyamur’s The Trait Archive for Stellaris

I would like to give the following mods below support, advertisement, and commendation on my behalf for inspiring me to create this mod.

Xenology – Traits Expansion
Additional Traits
Svafa’s Expanded Species Traits

They are all talented, respectful, and helpful individuals, and there is no better way for me to express my thanks than do this. So seriously, check out their mods, subscribe to them, and give them the thumbs up.

Also, support this great mod because this is defintely something lore-friendly useful.

Planetary Shields

If you would like to use my Legendary Species Traits, download the mod below. It will make obtaining those traits a lot easier.

STOK (Snowy’s Trait Options Kit)

If you would like to access Leader Legendary Traits, download the mod below.

ALOT (Additional Leader Options n’ Traits)

And if you like my mod, be sure to give it a thumbs up and a like. It really helps me a lot.

I will be revising a complete list of the traits in the future. Be patient.
From the creator of The Trait Codex, Snowyamur brings to the table a (hopefully) more well-refined and established traits overhaul that is bound to make your game either ridiculously insane, or more fun. Of course Snowy wants you to have more fun in Stellaris, that’s the whole point of the damn game, and traits seem to be empty. The Trait Archive is “Big Brother” of The Trait Codex and offers a larger variety of traits, each that are different from the other, either OP or not OP.

Description and Details
The Trait Archive is the refined and enhanced overhaul of what was The Trait Codex, a mod that is no longer being worked on or updated. Instead of trying to fix that one, I started fresh from scratch, making better icons, better statistics, and hopefully fixing it so the mod doesn’t cause a stupid Federation Victory within the first five minutes of the game.

In this overhaul are the following modifications:

50+ New Species Traits
10+ New Admiral Traits
5 New Governor Traits
5 New Scientist Traits
5 New General Traits
Players can use any of these traits, and each is special and unique in its own way. This mod provides players more trait options that are otherwise different from vanilla.

Hah, ahem. As of now, I am unsure of what mods are not compatible with The Trait Archive. The following trait mods listed and linked above me are guaranteed compatible, but otherwise, not sure what other mods are. If there are any issues, please state them in the comments section below and I will get back to you and do what I can do to fix these problems.

Language Support
-French (full, as of now)
-Spanish (N/A)
-Russian (N/A)
-German (N/A)

Adjusted Files
Upon request by @Talco, I will reveal what vanilla files have been modified to create my Stellaris mod.

Credit will go to @Svafa and @Granhyt for helping me out. I lean on their shoulders, and listen to their words with attention.

In the Stellaris game files, I have modified:

common>traits, defines, on_actions, static_modifiers
gfx>interface>icons>traits, with leader_traits inside traits
Many of these mods are unbalanced. Can you scale them down to make them fair on the game?
Are you kidding me? The vanilla mods alone in this game are boring. The whole point of this mod is to provide new traits and new ways for players to start and end the game. I will balance out traits that are virtually OP as I have done during testing, but otherwise, no, if a trait is crazy strong, it is crazy strong for a reason.

Will you be adding translations?
If I can find translators, yes. Trying to find them right now.

May you use my mod in another mod or other mods of yours?
You have to ask me first before you do that. I better not be seeing my mod somehow on someone else’s mod without my consent.

Are these traits lore-friendly?
That depends on how you look at them. The Legendary traits are clearly not lore-friendly, but traits like Vile, Steadfast, and Biogenic are lore-friendly.

Helpers and Creditors
These are the three nice people I owe for helping me with some small errors n’ stuff with The Trait Archive. In fact, they have been so helpful, I have to italicize, bold, and underline their names:

SuperBoy with full French Translations
Allen Benian with co-full French Translations and the first to offer time for it

And of course, thank you to Paradox Interactive for making such a wonderful game like Stellaris. Now please fix your stupid AI and don’t make an update that will f**k up this mod. Thank you.

[HG] Snowyamur
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