Stellaris Epic Explosions Mod

Stellaris Epic Explosions Mod

This fix will improve the ‘Epic Explosions’ mod at the cost of mod compatibility. Don’t use this with Downscaled Ships, there is another fix that does the same thing for it.

  • Reactor explosions are rarer: only 1/3rd of corvettes and destroyers will explode this way.
  • There is no delay in the explosions that makes them sometimes appear in empty space.
  • There are no multiple explosions in battleships, just one reactor explosion.

Enable both mods to use this fix:

  • ‘Epic Explosions’
  • ‘0-Epic Explosions (Enhanced fix)’


  • Only the normal ‘Epic Explosions’ version works with any mod.
  • This does work with some mods like ‘New Ship Classes’ but the new ships would have some problems with delayed explosions.

Steam Workshop ID: 69346718

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