UI Overhaul Dynamic – Triple Monitors

UI Overhaul Dynamic – Triple Monitors

For 3.0.X âš ï¸

It does require the main mod to run.

This is a submod for that positions the UI in the centre monitor when using a triple monitor setup. Makes it a bit easier to navigate the UI without having to accidentally twist your neck.

ðŸ–¥ï¸ Supported Resolutions 🖥ï¸




7680 × 1440

3x ‘2560 × 1440’


5760 × 1080

3x ‘1920 × 1080’


ðŸ› ï¸ Interface Modified 🛠ï¸

This should basically cover all of it;

  • All relevant elements and windows moved to the centre part of the screen.
  • All relevant windows that slid in from the left, now slides in from the top of the screen.
  • The left bar can’t be expanded.
  • Tiny Outliner should theoretically be supported, but untested.

📑 Load Order 📑

  1. UI Overhaul Dynamic
  2. UI Overhaul Dynamic – Triple Monitors

Not working?

Try one of the solutions in the thread.

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