Stellaris Mods

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Elder Race Origin

Adds the Elder Race Origin option in nation designer. Mod is purely cosmetic and was made mostly for roleplaying purposes (roleplaying Fallen Empire for example). Should be compatible with most mods, but I can’t...


More Anime Portraits

This mod adds a new species group called Animoids, which use anime style portraits. This mod is extremely inspired by the “Weeb Races” mod. I did not reuse any of their images, but I...


AA’s Origins: Electric Sheep

Do Androids Dream of…? A simple mod that brings some content based on Philip K D i c k’s book and the film Blade Runner to Stellaris. Includes: a new origin; two new corporate...


APC Perfect (english)

English Translations for APC (Anime Portraits Collection) Project!! Provides translations for:– some unique species traits– some unique civics– some name lists– species names and some random names â—† You need [APC] mod first! (without...