Stellaris Mods

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Sensible Fleet Cap Stellaris

This mod has been created to try and improve performance late game. This mod reduces overall fleet capacity down to 1600. This mod reduces fleet capacity gained by spaceports. This mod reduces fleet capacity...


StarCraft Protoss Shipset Mod

Entaro Tassadar my protoss fans and friends! I am happy that the protoss ships are finally ready to crush the others empire in stellaris! Features: Protoss ships and stations for all Vanilla ship types...


Mythos Demikind Portrait Pack Stellaris

Introducing a fresh collection of portraits to the Mythos portrait pack line. This one focuses on half-breeds, near-humans and mythical humanoid creatures of many varieties. To be specific, this pack includes the following: Dragonkin...


Snowball For Mod

This mod changes the technology system (along with various tweaks), making expansion reduce technology costs instead of raising them. No DLC is required. Here is an alternative version with reduced bonuses which is more...


Overloaded Computers Mod

================================================================ OVERLOADED COMPUTERS ================================================================ Version 1.6.* Features: – All new high level computers usable by both Human and CPU with custom behaviors. – New ship logic to provide a bit of variety between aggressive...