Stellaris Mods

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Origins Extended: Unbalanced

Updated and working with Stellaris version 3.1 (“Lem” update). What is this? This is a fork of for those that wish to play with less restrictions for using the origins, mainly in terms of...


EVE Online Soundtrack

The entire EVE Online official soundtrack, now in Stellaris and working in-game. Downloaded from the developer, CCP’s official soundcloud.


Whispers from the Void – A Portrait Mod

Born from conflict, the ancient Elvhen people have lost most of their history to the tides of war. Once a proud race of fearsome warriors, the last remnants of their civilization now reside on...


Lots of Traditions – 80 Slots

Compatible with 3.1 This mod adds more Tradition and Ascension Perk slots. it also adds a repeatable tech available after Ascension Theory that allows you to unlock all the Ascension Perk slots. Compatible Tradition...


! Dark Blue UI – Synth Icons !

Neon fluorescent, stroked, translucent game icons styleSupport most popular mods that add new civics and ethics If the rate is high enough, the trait icons will be added as well Sorting: Try to go...