Stellaris Mods

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Wormhole Generation (2.7) Mod

Generate wormholes with a starbase building To unlock the building requires the Wormhole Stabilization tech, and then either the Transcendence ascension perk and some Zro, or the Gateway Construction tech. A wormhole will be...


Living Star Systems Mod

Hey Guys =) This is an updated version of the old Mod <ISBS – Living Systems> I fully updated it, fixxed the no-event-bug and try to keep it updated. This mod allows you to...


Civic Pack A Mod

Compatible with 2.8.* (Butler) but should work regardless of version as this makes no direct changes to the base game, only to files added by this mod. SEE SCREENSHOTS FOR FURTHER DETAILS thumbnail artwork...


L-Cluster Black Hole Mod

Simple mod which makes Terminal Egress, the entry-and-exit point for the L-Cluster, a black hole, like every other L-Gate system. In addition to correcting an inconsistency, this also allows you to construct black-hole-specific megastructures...