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Living Tree Proles For for Stellaris

Living Tree Proles v1.1.1 For Stellaris: 1.6.* This mod changes script that generates secondary species for empires with civic “Syncretic Evolution”. Unless you choose Sol system as starting one, prole species will always be...


Stay There! Stellaris for Stellaris

Forced migration. No. Over-rides a couple of individual game-rules, eliminating forced migration because of lack of habitability. No more slaves, hell any pop, refusing to be fitted with breathers or wearing a bloody environment...


No_Sectors For for Stellaris

Mod version: 1.6.0 Game version: 1.6.* Banks & DLC Utopia Last updated: 2017.04.15 “The Sectors” a controversial issue, my opinion is wrong. I believe that the sectors should be a tool that will help...