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Huge variety of Stellaris Balance mods.


Size 15 Ringworlds

Vanilla ringworlds are cool, but are surprisingly small in-game compared to their size, with only 5 districts. This mod simply triples that to 15 districts. Only overwrites the various ringworlds in planet_classes, so should...


Declining Pop Growth

Declining pop growth is a simple mod designed to reduce late game pop growth and therefore lag and micro. In vanilla, absolute pop growth only ever goes up for a competently-managed empire, as you...


Aggressive Crisis Engine Legacy

Legacy version for Stellaris 2.* only (2.8 2.7 etc). Current version here: Documentation for modders is included in main mod folder. Aggressive Crisis Engine (ACE, ACEMOD) is a collaborative Stellaris mod with new crisis...


PJs :: Asymmetrical Start

This is a pretty basic mod, but I think it makes a lot of sense. At the start of the game, every country gets something extra in resources and something extra in research. The...