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Huge variety of Stellaris Balance mods.


BSW // Adaptive Defense Mod

BSW Addon : Adaptive Defense This addon will make AI & Auto ship design use adaptiveness in defense slots.For example, with higher shield tech, AI will try to use more shield components.This was orginally...


At War: Less Patrol Craft Mod

***2.8.1***drops the amount of patrol craft per planet from 50 to 20 will increase performance wont be as good as the game goes onas 20 corvettes does not stop many fleets late game but...


BSW // Jump Drive Balance Mod

BSW Addon : Jump Drive Balance This addon will change Jump Drive Balance.Cooldown : 200 -> 100 daysShip weapon damage modifier : -50% -> -75%Ship speed modifier : -50% -> -25%Ship disengage chance modifier...


BSW Compatibility // StarNet AI Mod

compatibility with ! This patch is OPTIONAL!BSW 2 is compatible with Starnet without this comp patch, but if you want to use Starnet AI fleet combinations, you must use this patch.This will disable AI...


BSW // Carrier Alternative Behaviors Mod

BSW Addon : Carrier Alternative Behaviors This addon will change carrier combat computer behavior. With this addon, ships with carrier computer will stay at their position instead of running away. 항공모함 전투 ì»´í“¨í„°ì˜ í–‰ë™íŒ¨í„´ì„...