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Huge variety of Stellaris Balance mods.


Diplomacy Influence and Civics Change Mod

This is a simple mod that makes the following changes: -Adds two additional starting Civic points.Removes the cost from the following Diplomacy actions:-Research Agreement-Commercial Pact-Migration Treaty-Non-Aggression Pact -Increases AI Buy threshhold for Slaves on...


Improved Genocidal Diplomatic Stances Mod

One of the weird things about genocidal empires is their diplomatic stances; they do nothing. Absolutely nothing. This leads to the strange situation that regular empires can get +20% navy cap and -20% war...


Lotus Mod – Larger Platforms Mod

The idea of defense platforms is good, but they are simple and boring. The larger defense platforms, “Defense Station” and “Fortress,” are already in the game, but not accessable to the player. This mod...


Balanced Space Warfare Mod

BSW : Total battle balance mod with vanilla taste. 2.7x COMPATIBILITY : YES # NEW COMPUTERS & BEHAVIORS # Carrier Computers Flee after launching strikecrafts, but has a penalty of ship speed and evasion.Huge...


Lotus Mod – Starbase Rebalance Mod

The Starbase Loadouts are terrible. Current Starbases can be easily cheesed by a much weaker fleet with long range weapons, corvette spam, or projectile spam. I found this to be unacceptable, so I made...


Balanced Space Warfare // Starbase Enhance Mod

BSW Addon : Starbase Enhance This addon will enhance starbase throughly, making them durable, longer-ranged, PD-equipped and strikecraft onboard.항성기지 ê°•í™” 애드온입니다. í•­ì„±ê¸°ì§€ì˜ ì „ì²´ì ì¸ 공격력과 ë°©ì–´ë ¥ì„ ê°•í™”í•˜ê³ , 사거리 보너스를 ë” ì£¼ê³ , PD 와 함재기를 장비하게...