Category: Diplomacy Stellaris Mods


Galactic Policies Mod

This mod provides several policies inspired by Victoria II that help add flavour to the inner workings of your empire. Other empires will utilize them varying by ethos and government, and their opinions of...


Despicable Neutrals For for Stellaris

Added a new ethos “Neutral”. Bonuses: reduced maintenance cost for defense station (small/middle/big, -50%, -30%, -20%) additional embassy -5% ethics divergence Cost is 2 ethos points and can pair up with any non-fanatic ethos....


More AI Personalities For Stellaris

Current Version: 1.4.3 (Released 6/15/17, Compatible with Adams Patch) MAP introduces new AI personalities to your game, adding more diversity to your playthroughs. There are a wide range of new personalities, ranging from warmongers...