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Recruit More Curators For for Stellaris

I always found it annoying that the Curators clearly had a never-ending supply of master scientists, but they never allowed you to recruit more than one at a time. They obviously have an agenda,...


Landscapers For Mod

Exploit or preserve ecosystems and tile blockers with new buildings. All content is taken from AlphaMod. If you use AlphaMod, you don’t want this. Adds several new types of tile blockers. Most tile blockers...


Joker Tweaks 1.6 For for Stellaris

Tweaks as follow: ‘Free’ Tech Cost Pops Increased to 30 (from 10) Tech cost multiplier based on pops increased to 0.012 (from 0.01) Max Trait points increased to 8 (from 2) Minimum Trade Deal...