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舰队collection:镇守府星际大冒险 (Kancolle) Mod

本Mod为角å·æ¸¸æˆå¼€å‘,DMMè¿è¥çš„传奇页游《舰队Collection》的群星è¡ç”Ÿmod。目å‰æä¾›240个舰娘立绘。包å«é™¤åŽ»A士画的海伦娜与御è—和屋代的所有立绘(原因懂的)。本Mod强度宗旨为ä¸ä¾é å¾ªçŽ¯ç§‘技战胜25å€ç¨‹åº¦çš„天ç¾ï¼Œæ‰€ä»¥è°¢ç»å†›å¤‡ç«žèµ›ã€‚This mod is a stellaris mod from the legendary page game kantai collection operated by DMM.At present, 240 shipmaids have been provided. The purpose of this mod intensity is not to rely on recycling...


Extended Strategic Resources Produce Mod

Don’t your think that was stupid? Your empire can build a huge city world with antigravity tech, but never increase productivity of those producible strategic resource even a little bit, and never improve their...