Stellaris Mods


20th Music Stellaris

20th Music, like Swing, Jazz, and Blues. Song List: 1.The Andrews Sisters – Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! 2.Bob Crosby – Politics-From 1949 Show “Texas, Li’l Darlin“ 3.Bob Crosby – Charley, My Boy 4.Ella...


Animated Sectoid For Mod

Adds an animated portrait and playable custom species. The Sectoids are based on the species of the same name present in the XCOM universe, which in turn is inspired by the fictional ‘Grey’ Aliens...


Hans Zimmer – Music Addon Stellaris

“Tribute To Hans Zimmer – Music Collection” is a selection of various tracks appearing in movies like Interstellar & Inception which are immersive to listen to when playing a game of Stellaris. The list...