Stellaris Mods


AlphaMod: Overlords for Stellaris

Create subject States, Districts, Corporations, Freeports and Foundations. Requires AlphaMod 1.7. This mod is complex and fiddly. If you don’t want complex and fiddly features in your game, don’t use this mod. The ability...


Robots reworked for Stellaris

A small mod rebalancing robots/droids/synthetics/cyborgs. Growth speed was buffed (+200%) for all except cyborgs; droids got buff to energy production; mineral production made constant (+15%) for all. Details robots / droids / synthetics: +200%...


Expanded UI Mod

This was a much requested standalone feature from my Galactic Empire modification for A Galaxy Divided. Difference is, I’ve made a few alterations and additions. Don’t like having to alt-tab out of the game...