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Orbital Rings Galore for Stellaris

This mod add two new megastructures: 18 tiles Orbital Ring and 25 tiles Advanced Orbital Ring, They’re basically mini ringworld around planets instead of stars Mod Description Orbital Ring is a massive orbital space...


K Habitat Extravaganza for Stellaris

1.6.1 compatible This mod allows building bigger and more advanced versions of Habitats. Vanilla Habitat megastructure remains unchanged. Small Habitat Station Supports 6 tiles. Is available once you discover spaceport tech 5. Extended Habitat...


AlphaMod: The Utopian Dream For Stellaris

Tweaking and expanding Utopia for AlphaMod. Requires AlphaMod 1.7 and Stellaris: Utopia DLC. Megastructures Genesis Initiator World-shapers can construct this around uninhabitable barren, molten and frozen worlds. There are three stages to complete and...