ACG Extended 3.0

ACG Extended 3.0

Compatible with 3.0.*
Save game compatible

About this mod

This is a compilation of manually integrated mods and tweaks for my play with the excellent mod.

I made this initialy for personal use, mainly to monitor compatibility between all mods, but also to bring some tweaks.
If you subscribe to it, please consider subscribing to the original mods as well to support the modders.

Please don’t ask to add or modify things, but I can tell you what files to remove if you don’t like a particular feature.


This mod is designed as an add-on to ACG + UI Overhaul Dynamic, so you need them both activated.


Mod order:

  • UI Overhaul Dynamic
  • Aesthetic Cinematic Gameplay
  • ACG Extended

Note: don’t use with my mod.



  • Less saturated.


  • Tweaked to show notifications on the right side of the topbar. You need a wide screen! (2560px min)
    Removed the redundant special resources drop down menu.

  • Tiny Fleets integrated.
  • Personal tweaks
    Slightly bigger Pop icons in Planet View (Population tab).
    No more Defense tab in Starbase View (ACG doesn’t use it).



  • With some personal adjustments. Overrides ACG settings.

  • With some personal adjustments. Overrides ACG settings.


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