ACG Icons UI Addition

ACG Icons UI Addition

Compatible with 2.8.1
Save game compatible
NOT Achievement compatible


About this mod

This mod was part of but got outsourced into this submod because some people preferred vanilla or other icons. It consists of the separated content related to more realistic/immersive icons for:

modifiers (related to resources)
system view
galaxy view

Extra Features of this mod:

*** Custom Tier Numbers for Buildings (not compatible with other mods that add tier numbers because of the new resource icons)
*** Built-in compatibility with a lot of other mods that add new resources/buildings (like Planetary Diversity or Additional Vanilla Buildings => adjusted + added new icons for those mods consistent with the mod’s content => make sure this mod overwrites other mods!)


>> Recommended resolution: 1920×1080 i.e. FULL HD

>> This mod DOES NOT INCLUDE the DARK UI THEME, as well as the ARMY OR SHIP COMPONENT ICONS from the picture that content is still included in the

>> This mod is meant to be used with ACG


If you want to use the full and recommended “ACG” mod experience like intended by the authors, then you will have to subscribe and activate all those mods with the following loading order:

1. UI Overhaul Dynamic
2. Aesthetic Cinematic Gameplay (=ACG)
3. ACG ICON UI Addition

>>> This mod should not be used without using ACG!

If you find any bugs please let me know at the comment section.

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