Advanced Buildings & Armies (1.7+) For Mod

Advanced Buildings & Armies (1.7+) For Mod


6/16/2017 : Updated for 1.7.

5/23/2017 : Fixed the bug regarding pre-req for 7&8th tier power plants.

5/9/2017 : Updated for 1.6.

This mod adds several new resource buildings, labs and armies. Unfortunately, AI cannot use these four new armies added by the mod.
(Currrently thinking about add-on for the AI to use armies)
AI will use new buildings, however.

If you use Auto-build mod, you will notice that the Auto-build mod do not upgrade the buildings to added ones.
Sector AI (and empire AI in general) however will have no trouble building them.

What this mod adds:
-Level 6 and 7 Science research buildings for each categories. This mod also allows level 5 buildings to be built on non-capital worlds.
For materialists, these higher end research buildings will also generate unity.

-A science center which acts as general enhancer to science research buildings like energy grid and mineral processing building do. Automatically available after tier 3 science buildings for all three categories are researched.

-Level 6, 7 and 8 resource buildings for both energy and minerals.

-Special buildings for Wonder Maiden and Mech Warrior armies. Both buildings give some benefits to the planet where built.

-Four new armies.
1) Peace Keepers : high-health defensive army that can be only used by pacifists.
2) Death Squads : mid-tier assault armies for authoritarian, xenophobes and militarist.
3) Wonder Maiden : stronger version of psionic army that needs a special building to be trained.
4) Mech Warriors : The strongest, the most expensive synthetic death machines that requires a massive and expensive factory to be built.

What this mod overrides:
-In order to make army icons work, this mod has to override these vanilla files.
1) icons.gfx

Any mods that edits these files will have trouble with armies’ icons broken. But at least it won’t stop the mod from functioning.

Will pick sniper
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