Advanced Sol For Stellaris

Advanced Sol For Stellaris

This mod started as a personal project to create a bit more of an advanced Sol system to start in. I wanted to limit my expansion and build tall for the early parts of the game. I liked it so I decided to release it to the community in case you folks might get some enjoyment out of it.

Adds a small habitat ring around Earth, which is basically a tiny ringworld with one 16-tile habitation area.
Adds a fully terraformed 12-tile Mars. with an accurate continental texture file.
Add’s basic terraforming (arctic) to the moons Ganymede and Titan.
Adds mutiple missing moons and some Trans-Neptunian objects.
Adds multiple custom textures, portraits and descriptions for all bodies in the solar system.
NOTE: Must select “Sol System Advanced” from the custom race designer.

You will notice prior to fully surveying the Sol system that there is text for 4 habitat ring sections, one of which is colonizable. I wasen’t sure how to get around this since they are 4 seperate entities. However the other 3 will disappear once the system is surveyed. Leaving you with only one showing.

Alternate Versions
Advanced Sol (25-tile Earth/25-tile Habitat)
AlphaMod (25-tile Earth/Habitat)

Adams v1.6.1
The mod shouldn’t conflict with much. However it does modify the following two files:

This is to add custom planets and the habitat ring plus resources. Please report any bugs or errors with other mods in the discussion group.

Reported to be incompatible with Planetary Diversity. Working on a patch.

Future Updates
Fixing localization issues for other languages. (see discussion group)
Planetary Diversity 1.2.1 compatible version.

Sam for use of his Mars texture.
Nikkle for creating a cool ringworld texture/mesh for us to use.
Lion for the great Expanded Sol System mod from which the Advanced Sol system file is based.
Alex FRD for use of his custom system textures and collaboration on Advanced Sol.
Greatexperiment for his custom assets and collaboration on Advanced Sol.

Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has rated, commented and provided feedback. This mod has become way more popular than I thought it would, lol. Reminder to people if you are enjoying the mod please give it a like and a favorite! You’re free to leave a dislike I only ask you give me some feedback on what you didn’t enjoy about it. That way I can work on improving it.

KoldPhire, Greatexperiment, Alex FRD
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