AI Stop Terraforming For for Stellaris

AI Stop Terraforming For for Stellaris

This a policy with an option the AI are forced to enable. It makes terraforming really expensive to the point only the cheating AEs can do it, but even then it takes over 500 years just to terraform 1 planet. More than enough time to invade and stop them. I pushed the values as high as I could (CURSE YOU 32BIT!). If they do get the resources for it, it will take forever as I said.

I’ve simmed and tested this mod several times all the way to the 2500s. I think I saw an AE trying to terraform a few planets but they wern’t even close to being done. However I have no means to combat the “World Shaper” Ascension perk, as any value to slow down terraforming speed past “-0.99” bugs out. This mod doesn’t overwrite anything as far as I’m aware. Any mods that make terraforming more expensive will screw up the resource requirements for Gaia worlds as I tried to push the value as far as I could.

I’ve tested it with the following mods:
Advanced Terraforming
Planetary Computer
(Conflicts with the first one)
Stellar Expansion – Terraforming
Stellar Expansion – Terraforming (Extreme)

Should be compatiable with all game saves, but I’m not responsible if it isn’t and breaks them, or if you get mad and chuck your PC at your little sister, or if you become a HumancentiPad.

Note about 1.6: I’ve only updated the flag for 1.6, IDK what the cost is for terraforming already inhabited worlds. As I have not yet had to chance to play a 1.6 game. Or if it cost more, according to the wiki terraforming a planet to Gaia is 20k I’m not sure if the cost increases to something like 25k if the planet is already inhabited. If this is the case the value will be negative, and the AI will go ham again. I don’t have time right now to check so please tell me, so I can fix the value in the code real quick.

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