ANFP: DE Expansion – Station and Spaceport Buff Stellaris

ANFP: DE Expansion – Station and Spaceport Buff Stellaris

Adds the station and spaceport buffs and modules back into Dynamic Economy. They were removed to make the base mod compatible with ship mods.

This mod does change ship_size/00_ship_sizes

Compatible with Ship Power Stations and Advanced Ship Behavior and others that don’t touch 00_ship_sizes.txt

Adds HITPOINTS to military stations, outposts, wormhole generators, and observation posts. Adds a module to the first module slot of spaceports depending on what type of planet it is: regular old planet, economic, research, military, or capital. Each port module grows with the level of the spaceport and provides a base per level hitpoint buff and misc other buffs dependant on the module type. Ups the price of spaceports a bit to account for the strength and lowers the cost of mining and research stations and construction and science ships. Military station maintenance should be bigger as well, still tweaking that number some.

AI will get bigger stations and they will get at the very least the standard module witch places a level 6 spaceport at 124k hitpoints.

You DONT need my Dynamic Economy mod to use this mod but the specialized modules will not show up, just the standard one that boosts the hitpoints. All other areas will function normally.

As for compatability issues, I know there are other mods that use starting techs and or empire modifiers to achieve the same gains. I MAY still go that route in the end but in all honestly, I’m not really interested in doing it that way. I like the way it’s set up and I don’t use extra ship mods that add capital ships or 2 more variations of the same ship or station mods that give you a XYZ box for a station. If it’s something practical like with Ship Power Stations or Advanced Ship Behavior I’m more than willing to take a look but outside that my time is getting limited right now and I am not a programmer or expert modder so bigger projects are out of th question for a while. This is the main reason I took this portion out of Dynamic Economy.

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