Animated Sectoid For Mod

Animated Sectoid For Mod

Adds an animated portrait and playable custom species.

The Sectoids are based on the species of the same name present in the XCOM universe, which in turn is inspired by the fictional ‘Grey’ Aliens from popular culture. They are weak physically, but had strong psyonic powers and are very intelligent.

The mod contains:

Fully animated custom species portrait.
Seven different clothing variations, for generals, admirals, etc…
Custom Species tailored to the race.
Various Sectoid themed flags (under sectoid).
Custom names for ships, people, planets, for the species.
Note that the mod is a work in progress, and may change with new content that might effect old version saves

No vanilla files have been modified.
This should work will all other mods without issue.
Currently only localized for English. Please post below if you can help with localized strings to include in the mod and I will update it.

My Steam Workshop page
I focus on making mods that compliment the vanilla game, so if that is your thing, please check out my steam workshop page for my other mods for stellaris.

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