Animated Shark Portraits Mod

Animated Shark Portraits Mod

Animated Portrait Set
Fully animated space shark portrait set.
They twitch, and blink, and look around, and breathe, just like vanilla portraits.
You can easily use this set to create any Custom Empire you like, just like for the vanilla portraits.

Custom City Set
Underwater metropolis. Used in my Custom Empire, but can be used for any other Empire you create. The city will appear regardless of the planet type but only after you’ve created enough buildings on the planet tiles.

Custom Name List
Long list of Hittite-like names.

Custom Flag
The Jaws.

Custom Starting Solar System
The Blaskar system: a B-star system with several molten worlds and a few barren ones.

Custom Empire
The Deep Tide. It’s a Military Commissariat, militaristic/xenophobe/egalitarian. Since this mod does not add any gameplay, I’ve set this Empire as capable of spawning on its own (although it won’t spawn always), unless the player is using it, in which case it will never spawn.
If you wish to disable the Empire from spawning without using it yourself, you need to either disable the mod before starting up Stellaris, or go to the mod folder (Steam/SteamApps/workshop/content/281990/… /octeelan_portraits/prescripted_countries/) open the octeelan_prescripted_countries file, search for spawn_enabled=yes, and edit it to: spawn_enabled=no.
You can also edit it to: spawn_enabled=always, if you wish the Deep Tide to always be spawned in your games (although it’ll still be automatically disabled if you are using it yourself, in order to avoid having twin empires).

This mod does not affect any vanilla files, nor does it add any gameplay feature. I don’t think it should cause any conflict with most other mods, although there might be exceptions I haven’t thought of.

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