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Anime Galaxy 3.0 ver1

Replace all of the vanilla species with anime girls including all DLCs. Animation images are derived from mobile games, PC games, and illustrations. Curators, artists, fallen empires, and space merchants have independent images. More than 8600 pictures in total.

èŒåŒ–星河 3.0 α版


Recommended with UI Overhaul Dynamic to enlarge the picture display:

推èæ­é… UI Overhaul Dynamic 使用。

Recommended with Specific Gendered Leaders to lock all leaders to female:

推èæ­é… Specific Gendered Leaders 将领导人é”定为女性。

Ironman version(é“人版):

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What is Stellaris mods?

A mod (short for "modification") is an alteration where someone, usually a player, changes some aspect (e.g. the way it looks or behaves) of a video game. Mods may range from small changes and simple tweaks to completely new games made within a video game. Games running on a personal computer are often designed with change in mind, allowing modern PC games to be modified by gamers without much difficulty. Don't wait and try Stellaris mods right now.

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