Ascension Enhancements For Stellaris

Ascension Enhancements For Stellaris

This mod currently does three things:

1) It removes all the Ascension Path restriction for Utopia (i.e. those following the psionics route can also follow the AI route, etc).

2) It removes all direct ethos limitations on ascension paths, e.g. materialists can be psionic, spiritualists can become robots, hive minds can do what they please.

3) Enables ‘genetic’ modification of synthetic pops, ascended or otherwise. Evolution does not stop with silicon; it just means you’ve taken it into your own hands (this also means you do not lose out on the benefits of biological ascension if you also synthetically ascend).
3a) Synthetic pops & synthetically ascended pops will automatically build themselves, removing the need to automatically click build all the time.

Warning: this may unbalance the game; psionic cybernetic organisms with massive amounts of gene points are entirely possible. Also note; AI empires can follow the same path of multiple ascendancies, so you may have superpowered psionic synethetic organsisms all up in your backyard too.

Note: Event text has not been altered, and not every possible combination of events/situations has been tested. Please leave a note if any odd behavior is seen, and I will look into it.

Known issues:
– No currently known issues. Leave a comment if you find anything.

– Allow for portrait selection compatibility in synthetic ascension
– Hive Mind Synthetic Ascension to transform to Machine Consciousness (validate balance with existing changes)
– Investigate potential of allowing Hive Minds to build robots/droids and/or synthetics
– Mark robotics as rare for spiritualist/hive minds and mark psionics as rare for materialists/hive minds

Compatibility: This mod is not guaranteed to work with any other mod that affects the pre-existing ethics, technologies, ascension paths, or ascension triggers. As such, further updates to the base game may break this mod without warning (or, at least, maintain old values), due to overwriting base values. If this occurs, please leave a note and I will update to the latest version of the game as soon as possible, and recommend disabling this mod in the meantime. If you have a question about compatibility with a specific mod, ask and I will do my best to look into it.

Versioning: This mod currently works with the 1.6 Adams release with Utopia. Support will not be guaranteed without the Utopia expansion; don’t download this if you don’t have Utopia, as it won’t do anything for you. Updates will be provided accordingly.

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