At War: Planetary Defense Fleets (3.0.3)

At War: Planetary Defense Fleets (3.0.3)

This mod is a continuation of the original, created by The Dadinator, and now updated and maintained following his expression to discontinue support.

This mod may be removed if he returns to the modding community and wishes it taken down to consolidate effort.

Original Description (links culled to avoid misdirection):
Do you wish important planets could have their own defense fleet? Want to recreate the launch trailer for the Apocalypse DLC? This mod introduces the Planetary Defense Force base and the system-limited Patrol Craft ship sizes. Patrol Craft fleets can launch from their base with either hostile fleets entering the system or hostile fleets entering the planet orbit.

Little disclaimer

I was not able to test it yet. gonna test it in the next few days


Planetary Defense Force Base

  • The Planetary Defense Force Base building is a starting building / technology.
  • The base can be built on any habitable planet or structure like ringworlds and habitats.
  • Only one base per planet or structure.
  • At the start, the base employs two Planetary Defense Shipwrights (or Planetary Defense Shipbuilding Drones). Their upkeep is 2 alloys each which goes directly into local base storage for constructing ships, and 1 energy which is used for actual upkeep.
  • Bases hold up to the 100% alloy cost to build the current fleet capacity. Excess alloys will go back to the empire.
  • There is a planetary decision on planets with the base, called Planetary Defense Force, to open the PDF UI to see all relevant information on fleet size, alloy storage, set fleet stance and to transfer resources to / from the base.
  • Fleet size is determined by population. It starts at 5 for up to the first 25 pops, then grows by 1 for every 5 pops up to a max of 40 fleet size. Fleets are limited to Patrol Craft, see below.

Patrol Craft

  • At the start of the game you get the Patrol Craft I ship size, available in the Ship Designer
    You must design your Patrol Craft ships. There are several templates available.
  • Patrol Craft ships have no FTL drive and are only built on the base. There is no option to build at a starbase shipyard.
  • Patrol Craft I cost 75 alloys to build
  • Patrol Craft construction is simulated at the base and takes 60 days per ship. One speed tech is available and reduces build time by 15 days later in the game.
  • Patrol Craft do not touch the empire fleet capacity but have a relatively high upkeep when deployed.
  • Patrol Craft II is a research option after cruisers have been researched and have a much improved hit point / section layout than the original Patrol Craft I. After researching, you will not be able to make Patrol Craft I designs anymore and the base will only deploy Patrol Craft II ships. Make sure you create new designs for Patrol Craft II at this point.
  • Patrol Craft II cost 150 alloys to start and have 1 hull upgrade which will boost the cost by 50 alloys and add 200 hull points.
  • Patrol Craft II also gives the base two more jobs (bringing the monthly alloy storage gain up to 8)

Fleet Behavior

  • Patrol Craft fleets can automatically launch with either hostile fleets entering the system or hostile fleets entering the planet orbit, depending on the fleet stance.
  • Colossus ships are fair game with either fleet stance. Both fleet stances will deploy when a hostile colossus enters the system.
  • Both the base owner and the hostile force owner will get an alert notification about the pending deployment of the fleet.
  • When deployed, the makeup of the fleet will be a random distribution of created ship designs.
    You can also manually launch the fleet from the UI created from the planetary decision
  • Patrol Craft fleets “land†on their home world when they enter orbit. Disbanding the fleet should also work to return the number of craft back to the planet.
  • Each base can only support one fleet deployed at a time.

Known Limitations

The Patrol Craft ship designs show up in the fleet designer even though they cannot be built by starbase shipyards. I haven’t found a way to hide it there yet make it available in the ship designer.


This mod only overwrites the message types file (common/message_types.txt) to add new message types and should be compatible with any mod that does not add message types. It is compatible with At War: Planetary Cannons and Low Jobs and Housing Alerts.
Compatible with Stellaris v3.0.3
As with any mod that affects game play, NOT achievement compatible.

Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions

You can post comments here or in the . I take all constructive feedback and suggestions seriously.

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