Auto improve buildings Mod

Auto improve buildings Mod

This gorgeous mod will save you from a lot of unnecessary clicks. Now the building will improve automatically if sufficient resources. This is especially useful for those who do not like to play with the sectors.

How it works:

Approximately every four months will improve or build new buildings, depending on the available resources, and active edicts.

  • 1. While active edict “Automatic improvement”, all the buildings (except for basic laboratories and which cost influence) will automatically improve.
  • 2. While active edict “Automatic improve buildings which cost influence” will improve the building, which cost influence.
  • 3. While active edict “Automatic construction of new buildings,” in the tiles with the energy and without slaves will build power plants, in tiles with minerals will build the mine, in the tiles with any scientific resources and without slaves will build the basic laboratory.
  • 4. While active edict “Automatic slavery”, automatic inslave the population in tiles with mines, farms, planetary capitals, etc. In general, in all the cells where slaves will profit.
  • 5. While active edict “Auto improving laboratories on good planets”, all the basic laboratory on the planet, with a bonus modifier to a specific field of science (for example: unstable tectonics) will improve in the kind of laboratory, which will give more profit.
  • 6. While active edict “Semi-random improving laboratories”, all laboratories will be improved depending on the resource type in the tiles (useful if your population has trait for a certain kind of science), and if the resource is not present, the type of laboratory will be selected at random (if you do not active edict No. 5, the laboratory will improve randomly even on planets with useful science modifiers)
  • 7. While active edict “Keep resource reserve”, all the buildings and improvements will occur if you have 1000 minerals or 250 influence, if required.
  • 8. While active edict “There is no need in the sectors”, you have no need in the sectors.


  • Steam Workshop ID: 691008512
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