Automatic Station Builders Mod

Automatic Station Builders Mod

Compatible with 2.7.X ✔ï¸


If you are tired of having to send a construction ship to deal with every single orbital deposit in the territory that you have captured then you have come to the right place.


The feature of that mod is quite simple, a new policy is available and once activated every orbital deposit in your territory will recieve with time a mining or research station depending on the resources on it as it a construction ship did the job. And of course stratetic resources won’t have any orbital station unless the required technology is researched.

You have access to three different options in this policy, one which will simply turn it off. The second one will activate the feature at a normal speed and last one five times faster, but keep in mind that your minerals will be drained faster as well. If you have activated that policy by mistake and want to turn it off you can do it from a new edict available when the policy is active.


No vanilla files were replaced, but for people having custom deposits requiring research from other mods you need to warn me so I can make the compatibility otherwise the risk is to have your mineral stockpiles drained for nothing while no stations are built above those custom resources.

List of mods compatible:


– Mod is compatible with old saves.
– Mod should be compatible with multiplayer

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