Buffed Ethic Attraction For Mod

Buffed Ethic Attraction For Mod

This little Mod is designed to buff government ethics attraction.

Base Attraction 0 (up from vanilla -0.15)
Sector modifier 0 (up from vanilla -0.10)

In an unmodded installation your people automatically drift away from your government.

This mod will improve the range until people start to drift away about 15% and nullifies malus from sectors. It sounds like a little change because it is one.

The mod does not intend to keep all your people in your governments attraction, but the core worlds in close proximity will mostly stay. Diverse Faction popping will still happen – but later in game, not early on.

Modified File: -0_static_modifiers.txt
This mod is compatible with any other mod unless it has exactly the same file.

Greets Tuck

Tuck Davis
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