Centralized Shipyards Stellaris

Centralized Shipyards Stellaris

Activate “Central Shipyard” edict on your shipbuilding planet.
Activate “Supporting Shipyard” edict on other planets with spaceports.

You can set every planet a “Supporting Shipyard” which reduces their shipbuilding speed by 50% and creates a “One Supporting Shipyard” modifier which increases shipbuilding speed by 33% provided it has a Spaceport. So even without a “Central Shipyard” it decreasses its shipbuilding speed by 17%.

You can set one planet as “Central Shipyard”, if you enable the edict on another planet the old one becomes a “Supporting Shipyard”. If you have a “Central Shipyard” it will get all “One Supporting Shipyard” modifiers provided it has a Spaceport.

You can automate the Centralization of Shipyards with a policy which will make all planets “Supporting Shipyard”, you will still be able to change which planet is the “Central Shipyard”. Be aware that you have to wait 10 years before you can change the policiy again!

Actions that update the modifiers:

monthly pulse
spaceport destroyed
spaceport dismantled (missing trigger)
spaceport build (missing trigger)
war ended
planet colonized
colony transfered
colony destroyed

Multiplayer when everyone has the same version of the mod
Savegames but you can’t use the policy.
Ironmode Achievements
English & German (other languages display english text)
Other Mods

The modifiers don’t update when a spaceport is build or dismantled.
You hcan activate any mod specific edict to update the modifiers or wait for the monthly pulse.

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