Choosable Repeatables [3.0]

Choosable Repeatables [3.0]

You like the new auto research feature of vanilla? But you don’t like how in late game it will research repeatables randomly? You’ve come to the right place!
Choosable Repeatables allows you to customize the auto research weights of repeatables technologies! That way the game will research the repeatables you want without you having to lift a finger!
(3.0.* compatible)

Players section

Sounds amazing, but how does it work?

It’s really easy! Open up the configuration menu (via DMM) and for each repeatable you can change its ai weight (the weight for AIs and the auto research) for your own country.
There are 16 different weights possible: 0 to 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100.

That’s a really cool feature! Anything else I need to know? What about achievements?

The Stellaris auto research has a “bug” (or feature to prevent deadlocks): technologies with an ai weight of 0 can still be picked. Therefore I recommend putting the ai weights of the repeatables you want the most at 10 or more.
By default, the ai weights are 1 (like vanilla).
I couldn’t test it, but it should be perfectly multiplayer and save game compatible (the displayed level of the tech will be only tracked after the mod is installed though).
Not achievements compatible of course.

What about compatibility and load order?

This mod overwrites the repeatables files (common/technology/00_eng_tech_repeatable, 00_phys_tech_repeatable, 00_soc_tech_repeatable) to add the ai weights modifiers. Therefore you will need a compatibility patch if you are using other mods changing these files (they can simply add the ai weights modifier in it, so you can kindly ask their modder to do it).

Is it compatible with this mod adding repeatables?

You are lucky! This mod was built with modularity in mind, which means that other mods adding repeatables only have to add a small amount of code for each of their own repeatables to get it working! You can kindly ask them to add the required code into their mod (give them a link to this mod, so they see what they have to do).

But I want to research this tech in priority! Or can’t I research the lowest level repeatable?

This mod was built around the vanilla auto research. For more advanced picking methods, I recommend looking at (it works fine with 3.0).

You have convinced me, I will totally try this mod!

Have fun!

Modders section

Hey I’m a modder! What code do I have to add in order to add my repeatables?

Welcome! Look at for the step by step tutorial. Feel free to leave a comment if you add it so I can list other compatible mods here 😉


Thanks to mr_trousers for the altered modding den image 🙂

Legal stuff

If you want to translate this mod, feel free to do so and contact me here or (even better) on the Stellaris Modding Den in my channel #stellaris-list-extender (link on the image below). I will be very happy to put you in the Credits section 😉
As usual, I’m not responsable for any damage/incident resulting of the use of this mod, including (but not limited to) save corruption, achievements blocked and so on.

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