CP: Dark Fungoid Shipsets (Recolored) – Realistic Ships For Stellaris

CP: Dark Fungoid Shipsets (Recolored) – Realistic Ships For Stellaris

This mod is here to allow for the Realistic Ships Heavy Dreadnought to be researched with causing infinite research glitches for other mods, like New Ship Classes, and is absolutely required for the functioning of compatibility between both mods.

IMPORTANT: If you are using The New Ship Classes – Realistic Ships Patch or The New Ship Classes, Realistic Ships, Improved Space Battles Master Patch you do NOT need this patch!

If you do not have BOTH required mods listed on the right side of this mod page, do NOT download this mod.
Why? In short: without this file, Realistic Ship’s Fungoid Heavy Dreadnought will not be available to any of the Dark Fungoid Shipsets (Recolored) cultures, because the game doesn’t know to give them the correct technology. If you try to use this mod patch without Dark Fungoid Shipsets (Recolored), it’s just useless. If you try to use it without Realistic Ships, the event will not be able to give you a tech that it doesn’t know exists, and thus, causing the “infinite research” bug that causes serious issues. If you use both mods, and this will function perfectly; otherwise, you don’t need this file patch.

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