Diagraphers Trait Mod Mod

Diagraphers Trait Mod Mod


  • More strategic and flavorful AI trait modding
  • Doubled effect of all traits
  • A trait for each species class
  • 39 new traits available at game start or through gene-modding
  • 3 new traits only available via origin

Additionally, this mod incorporates my previous mod , allowing empires to upgrade Enduring pops to Venerable and so on with only Regular (rather than Advanced) Gene Modding.

This mod will somtimes swap the appearance of randomly generated species to better fit their traits (in particular Carnivore, Grazer, Necrophage, Parasitoid, and the size traits). Vanilla prescripted empires and player-created empires initially created while this mod was in use will be unaffected, but empires from other mods and empires initially created before this mod was installed may have their portraits swapped out for use elsewhere.

More Strategic and Flavorful AI Trait Modding
Whereas in vanilla the AI will add traits entirely at random, with this mod it will prioritize traits based on a combination of:

  • Ethics; for example, authoritarians will tend to make their pops Conformist while spiritualists will tend to make them Traditional.
  • Civics; for example, environmentalists will tend to make their pops Conservationist while Media Conglomerates will tend to make them Charismatic.
  • Citizenship Types; for example, slaves won’t get traits that only benefit leaders.
  • Habitability and Home Planet Designation; for example, since wet planets tend to have more Farming districts, Wet Planet species will tend to be made Agrarian, and, species whose homeworlds are Tech-Worlds will tend to be made Intelligent.
  • Existing Traits; AI countries with multiple species will try to specialize each for different jobs.

Doubled Effect of all traits
Not much more to say about that.

A Trait for each Species Class
These traits are generally small in effect compared to regular traits. For example, warm blooded Mammalians have improved Cold Planet and reduced Dry Planet habitability.

  • Plantoids have a much more impactful trait, having greatly reduced food consumption at the expense of significant habitability penalties.

39 new Traits available at game start or through Gene-Modding

  • Tiny, Small, Big, Huge, Very Fast Metabolism, Fast Metabolism, Slow Metabolism, Very Slow Metabolism, and Sessile combine the effects of numerous other traits in various ratios.
  • Extremely Dextrous, Dextrous, and Clumsy pops have increased or reduced output as Artisans, Metallurgists, and Roboticists. No Hands pops (+8 trait points) have both these outputs and worker resource outputs reduced enormously.
  • Spendthrift pops have reduced trade value from jobs.
  • Grazers and Carnivores have reduced or increased food upkeep. Pioneer Flora (only available to Plantoids) have no food upkeep and increased habitability compared to other Plantoids.
  • Hardy and Sensitive pops have reduced and increased Amenities usage respectively
  • Exotic Gas Dependent pops (available via an origin or via advanced gene modding) require Exotic Gases as upkeep.
  • Very Rapid Breeders and Very Slow Breeders have greatly reduced and increased pop growth rate respectively. Sterile pops (+8 trait points, available via an origin or via advanced gene modding) have a growth rate so low they can only reproduce with the help of technology.
  • Political and Complacent pops have increased or reduced Political Power
  • Swift and Slow pops have increased or reduced Army Disengagement Chance
  • Pops with Valuable Secretions produce extra trade value so long as they’re able to trade with other species
  • Elusive pops will be a nuisance to any empire that tries to purge them
  • Parasitoid species can use a somewhat worse version of the Necrophage purge
  • Species with Spatial Awareness and Keen Senses provide bonuses to their Admirals and Scientists respectively
  • Leaders with Rooted Adults will die young if they’re stuck in spaceships too long and get locked in place for life when in planet-based leadership roles.
  • Living Architecture provides similar effects to Rooted Adults, but also provides a planet modifier which makes Buildings cheaper and replaces part of their cost with Food.
  • Purpose-Grown (organic) and Specialized (robotic) pops have greatly reduced ability to change jobs.
  • 2/3 of a species with a Sapience Gap will consist of Subsapients incapable of working Specialist or Ruler jobs.
  • 90% of pops with the Hive Minds trait (representing a population of multiple hive minds) use the Gestalt Consciousness pop categories, thus using no consumer goods, being unaffected by happiness, and so on. Most Rulers and Governors and some other leaders of these species will have the Hive Mind leader trait, making them immortal.
  • Robotic pops with Surveillance Protocols, Poor Security, or Undefined Behavior reduce or increase crime or corruption.
  • Robotic species with Rare Crystal Components cost Rare Crystals to assemble.

3 new Traits only available via Origin
Species with the Polymorphic, Extremely Sexually Dimorphic, or Instars Traits will have two different phenotypes with different portraits and traits, but counting as a single species and with pops (and in the case of Instars leaders) switching between the two species when grown and sometimes at random.

Compatibility Patches

See discussion for list of overwritten elements.

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