Diplomacy Spam Control

Diplomacy Spam Control

For 3.0.* D I C K

Policies to block different diplomatic proposals. You also get less notification spam by default.

You can block:

– Trade Deals
– Defensive Pacts
– Non-Aggression Pacts
– Commercial Pacts
– Research Agreements
– Migration Treatys
– Offering or asking for association status with federations
– Ebassy Requests

Additional Stuff:

– Picking “Ignore Migration”-Policy disables Federation Law “Free Migration”. Tell me what you think.

Why cant i block xyz?

My mod does not just hide the proposals but removes the option for any other empire (for example vassalisation).
Some proposals actually have an negative impact on the opinion, so you could block thoose risks off.
I feel it would beslightly op and too much.
Also its good to know wich empires want your booty!


Compatible with all Mods that dont change following Dilomacy Actions:

#1. Trade Deal
#2. Defensive Pact
#3. Non-Aggression Pact
#4. Commercial Pact
#5. Research Agreement
#6. Migration Treaty
#7. Association Status (From Member to Stranger)
#8. Association Status (From Stranger to Member)
#9. Create Federation
#10. Embassy

Also mods that change Federation Law File: 11_free_migration.txt

Integrated Compatibility:

Expanded Gestalts: Forgotten Queens
Shut Up, We Don’t Care!
Exalted Domination

Comp Patches:

Viable Feudalism and Imperialism (WIP)

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