District Overhaul 2 Bugfix Mod

District Overhaul 2 Bugfix Mod

This mod makes District Overhaul 2 playable. As that mod is right now, it has a lot of unfinished parts. This mod polishes those up, while also adding support for Planetary Diversity. If you find some more stuff that seems unfinished even with this mod, let me know.

Just place this mod under DO2 in your load order. Despite what the District Overhaul 2 mod page says about always putting that mod last in your load order, this mod should be below it, as it fixes thing from that mod.


– Fixed Flat World text.

– Added GFX for some missing modifiers like Specialist Output multiplier and worker output modifier.

– Fixed housing policy text.

– Fixed Teacher and Logistics worker text and gfx.

– Added missing Planetary Diversity planet classes.

– Added some guaranteed districts for certain planet classes.

– Archaeology District name spelling error fix, job icon and name fix.

– Garden District job icon and name fix.

– Asteroid Belt Miner jobs for ringworlds picture and description fix.

– City Districts no longer have Clerks, so they also no longer have the Clerk job effect description unless you have the appropriate modifiers that grant them clerks.

– Icons for all new jobs now show up in District build menu.

– Added housing back to Foundry and Industrial arcology districts.

– Fix some formatting in the do_amenities_jobs.txt file.

– The Habitat Expansion district now gives you 2 additional districts, instead of 1, which made no sense.

– Added some localization (text) to secondary district tech and decisions, so you actually know what they do.

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