Divided Loyalties SA (2.7) Mod

Divided Loyalties SA (2.7) Mod

More Conflicting Factions

This mod introduces 15 new extremist factions, one for Xenophobes, and two for all other ethics. There are pros and cons to promoting, suppressing and banning each of the factions.

Some of the factions are also opposed to each other, in such a way that promoting one faction will pee off any opposing faction, or suppressing or banning a faction will please any opposing faction. You aren’t told which factions oppose which – experiment and find out.

If you decide to try the mod out, first deactivate Banned! (because that’s included in this), and then make sure this is at the bottom of your load order.

You absolutely should not use this mod if you dislike red indicators in the factions screen.

No, really. I get it, it’s not for everyone. With this mod it is intended to be very difficult to keep all factions happy at the same time. It is intended for you to make tough decisions about which factions to promote, suppress or ban. It is intended that you will make compromises with policy and a few other areas of running your empire when managing factions. It is intended that your Influence from factions may fluctuate, sometimes seeming excessive, or lacking.

Do not use with Banned! That’s included.
Probably wise to start a new game.


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