Durable Ships

Durable Ships

For Stellaris 2.8.*

A personal mod that I’ve been using since 2.2.* which I decided to share.

This makes the Military Spaceships feel more “Spaceships” instead of like wooden ships easily getting poked and sunk within seconds. They will still sunk within seconds in a battle but they’ll last longer than before (than vanilla)
Also, Titan now really feels like Titan.


Basically, all this do is add a script that triggers at game start and every 10 years (Every 10 years to allow newly created AI civ to get the features)

Ship Changes

Non-Fallen/Awakened AI + Player:
-Corvette gets +3000 HP
-Destroyer gets +7000 HP
-Cruisers gets +11000 HP
-Battleship gets +15000 HP
-Titan gets +19000 HP
-juggernaut gets +23000 HP

For Fallen/Awakened:
Same as above but with additional +1000 (so corvette is 4000 HP for them)

Crisis ships are not affected by the boost

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What is Stellaris mods?

A mod (short for "modification") is an alteration where someone, usually a player, changes some aspect (e.g. the way it looks or behaves) of a video game. Mods may range from small changes and simple tweaks to completely new games made within a video game. Games running on a personal computer are often designed with change in mind, allowing modern PC games to be modified by gamers without much difficulty. Don't wait and try Stellaris mods right now.

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