Dynamic Borders Stellaris

Dynamic Borders Stellaris

Borders are defined by your military’s position and move with your fleets.

“He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.” -Paul MuaDib

This mod lowers base border range from planets and frontier outposts to 30% of vanilla ( so they claim 9% of the area), and adds border range from ship and station sensor modules equal to 10% of sensor range. The cost and influence cost and maintenance of outpost stations is proportionately reduced, so that the AI can better use stations to cover the fact that it doesn’t understand the dynamic ship borders.

The intent is to make control of space reflect actual military presence and force the breakup of doomstacks by making small distributed fleets an actual threat to your control of territory. Anyone can come into your space and build, unless they respect your closed borders or you have the fleet power to stop them during wartime.

I made this as a proof of concept, it will play differently, I can’t say whether it plays better. No clue how AI will cope with the changes or if I’ve created some horrible imbalance with wars. My hope is that this mod inspires someone to take this idea and run with it.

I had to overwrite 00_utilities_sensors.txt and 00_utilities.txt for this, so it won’t be compatible with mods that change those files.

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