Economy & Technology Mapmodes For for Stellaris

Economy & Technology Mapmodes For for Stellaris

Technology (based on ratio of number of researched techs between empires)
Economy (based on net energy income / loss)
Industry (based on net mineral income)
Technology mapmode adapted in it entirety from Merry Panda’s and had’s Delta mod. I just made a tweak or two to the localisation.

Economy mapmode I had to rework as the income trigger Merry Panda used turned out to be energy plus minerals.

Industry mapmode was the brainchild of Dariorthan, with icon provided by Birdy of Plentiful Mapmodes fame

Now with Deutsche / German translation by Raumfahrer Spiff, the brains behind Enhanced Army Attachments!

Compatible with both Birdy’s Plentiful Mapmodes and TigerTeeth’s A Fine Selection of Quality Mapmodes, Probably

Pode, Raumfahrer Spiff
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