Enhanced Science Ships For Mod

Enhanced Science Ships For Mod

Enhanced Science Ships brings a small handful of, well, enhancements. To science ships. Please don’t be surprised.

This mod is designed to allow for more independent and unique science ships – Not just the same science ship every time you play. There are different FTL enhancements for each of the FTL types, along with a sensor enhancement module and a new Science Ship section.

Warp Drives can research Warp Drive Tuning, which adds components that add range at the expense of speed, or speed at the expense of
Hyperdrives can research Hyperdrive Optimization, which significantly increases speed along hyperlanes.
Wormhole Drives can research Miniature Wormhole Generation, which equips the science ship with its own wormhole generator that allows it to travel outside of the wormhole network
Sensor Boosters can be researched by any, and grant a bonus to Sensor range.
Enhanced Science Ships can mount two Aux-slot components in addition to improved utility component slots.
Adept Surveying is a rare tech that grants a +25% increase to Survey Speed
More items are coming – If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!
Please note that, as far as my testing has shown, Survey and Anomaly modifiers, such as those found on the Curator labs, don’t actually work. Thus, modifying those things at the component level isn’t currently possible.

No base game files were changed with this mod. It should be compatible with all other mods

Mod Version: 1.4
Updated to Stellaris 1.6

Supported Game Version(s): 1.6.*
Upload Date: 5/10/17

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