Ethic Balance For Mod

Ethic Balance For Mod

Checks slavery using citizenship type, not using the is_enslaved flag for the xenoist faction penalty allowing Xenophile/Authoritarian to use Caste without penalties.

Egalitarian and xenophiles no longer care about synthetics because they can’t do anything about them anyways.

The modifier bonus from seeing enslaved alien should not boost egalitarian, because it canceled out all authoritarian ethic attraction.

Makes most population checks in file be done using any_pop instead of any_owned_pop, because any_pop only checks at the local level. Living with foreigner make you less racist, seeing them on tv doesn’t.

Boost ethics attraction for regular and fanatic ethics (half faction attraction), because right now an ethic being embraced at non fanatic level and an ethic being in a faction results in the same attraction.

Makes good relationship with authoritarian empires result in attraction to authoritarian ethics.

Removes the bypass of the technologist faction for all robots of any ethic. It made it literally impossible to embrace anything but materialist if you took the ascension path.

Purging should no longer result in xenophilia.

Authoritarians do not get a free pass on robots anymore.

Spiritualist no longer upset about robots as long as they are in the disassembly line.

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