Ethics and Civics Alternative Restored

Ethics and Civics Alternative Restored

This MOD is a 3.* remake version of , based on the original version, the Government type, A series of contents including Civics, Origins, Ethics effects, etc.

Introduction to new content:

â‘ The effect and text description of Ethics have been reproduced to make it closer to every philosophical basis with realistic prototypes, and to reproduce every political philosophical theory from ancient times to the present through different combinations;

â‘¡The type of government has been re-created to more accurately describe the characteristics of government organizations under each ideological image;

â‘¢Expanded the content of market policy and trade policy to improve the position of trade in the production process;

④Changes the numerical mechanism of the empire’s administrative scale, crime rate, etc., and strive to be closer to reality in simulating the laws of social operation;

⑤Added the function of building fallen empire buildings, unlocked through AP “Future Society”;

â‘¥Traditions such as “revolution”, “right”, and “piety” have been added, and the corresponding original Traditions will be replaced after a specific trend of thought is met;

⑦Egalitarian/Liberal countries will not change their thoughts and political systems when they become a galactic empire.(It has been linked with , the Socialist Society has Easter eggs)

⑧ Two positions, “Smelting Workers” and “Manufacturing Workers” were added, provided by Industrial Districts, and the original “Metallurgist” and “Artisan” were provided by the construction.


Compatible patch with SAI:

In order to cope with the new changes in the balance of thoughts, I have been authorized by @丶未æ¥ç§‘技丿comrade to produce MOD, once again thank him for his work and support.

Special statement:This MOD text contains personal subjective political opinions (contents include the PEP version of high school political education textbooks, college ideological and political education textbooks, and some writings by proletarian revolutionaries). If you have any questions, please communicate in harmony. If you are not satisfied, please subscribe to another author @LordOfLA ‘s ECA remake MOD: , thank you everyone Understanding and tolerance.

The image materials of this MOD are all taken from the original MOD, thanks to the hard work of the original author.

Due to compatibility issues, the interface layout of this MOD uses files from . Thank you @Orrie for your work.

Hua Zhang
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